How to integrate sonarcloud with Az Repos

Hi, I wanted to Integrate sonar cloud with Azure Repos whenever a PR got raised it have to scan the repos only but when I’m trying to do in the build validation it’s asking for a pipeline and I don’t want that. Is there any way to do that???

Hi @teja14312

So, to understand, how do you want to do the SonarCloud analysis upon each PR creation ?


I just wanted to scan the repos only but when I trying to set that in the branch policies it’s asking to import a build pipeline and I don’t require the pipeline for this one. Whenever any PR raised It will checks the repos irrespective of the pipeline. Is it possible to do that?

Probably with some automation, but the best experience possible would be to do it with a proper build pipeline : one of the reason if that SonarCloud tasks within this pipeline will automatically detects that it builds a PullRequest and fill in the properties, otherwise you’ll need to fill them by hand, which is not very practical.



I suggest you start by following the docs , starting here: