How to increase analysis timeout

Sometimes sonar scanner fails connecting to SQ server due to timeout. How can I increase the default timeout value?

Hello @IdanAdar,

in the current version of the scanner the connection timeout is not adjustable.
You can modify the read timeout with the parameter


Thanks. What is the difference between the two?

The connect timeout is the time-out applied to create a TCP connection to the HTTP server. If the TCP handshake is not completed in this time, the connection attempt failed.

The read timeout is the time-out applied from the moment you have established a connection (So handshaking is done, and the connection can be used). If no data comes from the server in this time-out time, the connection is terminated.

Thanks. Is there any ETA when will the connect timeout will be exposed in sonar-scanner?

Well, to be honest, we received some while ago a PR to introduce this feature, and they were no specific traction from the community so we left it aside. So it’s not currently in our priority list. That may change if we receive several requests from the community.