How to get the Logscan?

I´m trying to raise a ticket with the tech support team, but to do so, I need to send them the following:

  • System info
  • Logscan
  • A zip with <SONARQUBE_INSTALL_DIR>/logs
  • And the info that appears on the Check Configuration button.

So far, I have got only the first request, how can I get the rest of them?

Sonarqube - Enterprise.

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Server logs and system info
get the server logs and the system info json via https://yoursonarhost/admin/system
you should set the loglevel to DEBUG to get more details - this will work without restart, simply change during operation

alternatively or if you need also older logs (log file rotation) get them from file system

Scanner logs
get the analysis logs from the machine where the build including the Sonarqube scan runs.
Typically this is a Jenkins node or similar.
Use the -X parameter to increase the scanner loglevel to DEBUG to get all details,
also for Maven => mvn -X sonar:sonar ...

Don’t understand what is meant by ‘Check Configuration button’ !?


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