How to get sonar-RedCA-plugin.jar

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Hi, I’d like to use the RedCA plug-in in Sonacube. The current version is 7.9.6 and cannot be retrieved from Marketplace. How can I use the redca plug-in?


I suspect the 7.9.6 version of that plugin supported SonarQube 7.9.6, and won’t be compatible with current versions of SonarQube. But you should contact the plugin maintainers to find the download and ask about compatibility.


hi, thanks for answer ,

then, Is 8.9.6 version compatible with Sonarqube? When I checked again, it was 8.9.6 version, not 7.9.6.


This is a third-party plugin that I’ve never tested. Given those version numbers, I can guess that it would work. But really, you should contact the plugin maintainers.