How to get jacoco.exec from kubernetes pod

This is our developer environment
Java+gradle+docker image+kubernetes, the azure devops is our CICID tool.
Currently, I setup sonarQube 7.1 on centos server and scan code successfully. I want to use jacoco plug on sonar scanner, but I failed to generate code coverage report because it cann’t get jacoco.exec from kubernetes pod. It is dynamic ip.

Could you give me a solution ?


Welcome to the community!

Maybe someone else from the community who happens to have experience will chime in here, but this really isn’t our area of expertise because generating the JaCoCo report isn’t part of analysis; that comes before analysis. Plus, we don’t Kubernetes and particularly not for versions as old at 7.1. You should upgrade at your earliest convenience to either 7.9.3, the LTS, or 8.2, the current version (8.3 imminent).