How to find the files consuming the most lines of code?


Our SonarQube license has a 5M LOC limit which we have almost reached, so I am looking for ways to free up space (LOC).
We are going to use exclusions to skip several libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap and I expect this to be effective.
Another way to free up space is to remove unnecessary/unintentionally added files. Just the other day I found out that a user forgot to exclude a large xml file containing 100k+ lines. I would like to be able to see which files take up the most space to detect these (possible) issues and report them to the users.
I can succesfully view the largest projects in the web interface (/projects?sort=-size).
I can also see the largest files in a project (/component_measures?id=[project_id]&metric=ncloc&view=list.
However, I would like to know how to find out which large files contain the most LOC without searching per project.
Is there a way to retrieve this information via the web interface?

We are using the Developer Edition version

TIA, Eelco.


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I’m not aware of a way other than a project-by-project search.


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