How to find current installed version of sonarqube through cli

I am running an ssh service of sonarqube instance and I want to find the currently installed sonarqube version on it, Is there any way I can find it?

Hi @Siddharth_Jain,

You can check the sonar-application.jar file in $SONARQUBE_HOME/lib/. The file name contains the version of sonarqube. I don’t think there is a --version parameter somewhere in sq.

Hope that helps

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Hi @DefinitelyNotTobi ,

Thank you it really helped just wanted to know is there any other way also?

Hi Siddharth and welcome to the community! You could use the API to read it out, you have to specify an authentication token though (or username/password):

curl -u api-token
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Hi, @Hendrik_Buchwald I am running it on an SSL certificate and it is giving me an error to pass the certificate can you tell me what flag I can add here with my request?

Hey Siddharth,

you can specify a custom CA certificate in curl with the option --cacert.