.how to exclude the root project source classes in the multi module configuraion

for example :- project (root) -projectA -projectB here i want exclude project(root) classes in the pom.is there any possible?

Hello @Yamuna_Reddy

As noted in our documentation on Analyzing with SonarQube Scanner for Maven

Excluding a module from SonarQube analysis*

You can either:

  • define property <sonar.skip>true</sonar.skip> in the pom.xml of the module you want to exclude
  • use build profiles to exclude some module (like for integration tests)
  • use Advanced Reactor Options (such as “-pl”). For example mvn sonar:sonar -pl !module2

I hope that helps.

i done the exclusion in pom.xml under propeties using sonar.exclusion tag.its working fine but some classes are not excluded why?