How to embed SonarQube page in html iframe

Hi everyone!

I am trying to emded sonarqube page within iframe, in a simple html page, but it does not display. After some research I was suggested to modify x-frame-options at the server-side, to “allow-from url” or “allowall”.
But, as I could notice sonarqube has its own embed server, and it’s not deployed in other (like tomcat, apache2,…). How can I do it with sonarqube, or is there any other suggestion to allow sonarqube to be embed in iframe from external site?

I am not so familiar with sonarqube. I am using version 6.0


Hi @mcumbe,

I’m not sure I see the use-case for this. In any case, as far as I know, we don’t set the X-FRAME-OPTIONS header, meaning we allow SQ to be embedded in an iframe, if users wish. Perhaps we did set this in SQ 6.0, but that’s an old version that’s no longer supported (you can check the headers your browser receives).

I can confirm that we do not set this header in 7.7, and that you can embed SQ in an iframe (again, not suggesting you do :slightly_smiling_face: ).

However, I wouldn’t be surprised this header is added by some company proxy (common practice). I’d make sure about that first.

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Thank you for your response!

I’ll try to see about the proxy and make sure about SQ 6.0