How to download plugins for off-line use?

I’m attempting to download 3 plugins for off-line use (I don’t have Sonarlint or any related tools installed on my PC where I’m downloading). On the front page of there are downloads for Eclipse, Visual Studio and VS Code. The Visual Studio link gives an option for the version of Visual studio, then a no-kidding “Download” link. This one looks OK. The VS Code plugin looks different, but still has a Download Extension button down and to the right. This one looks good too. But the Eclipse Plug-in seems to require an installation and Marketplace Client… how can I get around that since I don’t use it at all on this computer connected to the ineternet?

thank you!

Hello, welcome to the community and thanks for reaching out!

For offline installation of SonarLint Eclipse, you can use one of the zipped P2 repositories available on our binary distribution server. E.g you can download the latest (as of writing) ZIP for 5.3.0, then configure it in Help -> Install New Software -> Add -> Archive.

For VSCode, Visual Studio and IntelliJ, the marketplaces offer a link to download the plugin file (VSIX or ZIP) which you can then install with each editor’s extension management feature.

Got it, thank you!!

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