How to Disable Auto Comment on my Pull Request In Azure Devops

Hi ,
I am using Sonar cloud for my code analysis .

When I raise a pull Request on Azure Devops , an Automated comment disables for example ,
Comment Message : Refactor your code to get this URI from a customizable parameter. ([swift:S1075]*

Above comment is auto generated on my pull request , so how to disable

Hi @Rupendra_Banda

Thanks for reaching out.
Could you provide more details about your request? Why would you like to disable the auto generated comments on your PR? It allows you to detect your issues directly from your DevOps platform.


Hi Alexandra , thank you for reply, actually , the

above comment is auto generated one , which is not relevant to my PR , so i want to disable it , please help me out to fix this

Hi @Rupendra_Banda

For now, it is not possible to disable comments on Pull Requests on Azure DevOps.
We will store your insight and monitor if this is something needed by other users. If this is the case we will prioritize the subject.

Thanks for taking the time to write to us, we really appreciate it.


Hi Alexander,
Thanks for your response,
So there a way to change the Name to Generic Name instead of my Name on the comment.

Yes there is a way to change the name to a generic name instead.
You can define a specific user token on the project’s general settings, in Pull Requests section.