How to define Test folder

Hi Team,
I have a test location in following location
app/code/Vendor/Module1/Test , app/code/Vendor/Module3/Test , app/code/Vendor/Module2/Test
I want to pass location in under sonar.tests properties for example

  1. /Test/ → Did’nt work

  2. app/code/Vendor//Test/ ->Didn’t work

  3. app/code/Vendor/Module/Test, app/code/Vendor/Module1/Test , app/code/Vendor/Module2/Test ->Worked and test reported
    Query : Is there any shortcut i can use , in order to avoid mentioning all module test location ?


There’s really not a shortcut for this. The assumption is that if you have a complex project structure like this, it’s likely being managed by a build system that will aggregate the path list for you.


Thanks Ann :slight_smile: