How to Create Bitbucket Pipeline of .Net Framework based Project

I want created bitbucket pipeline of .Net Frame based project when I running YAML file for creating bitbucket pipeline, i found below error.
rpc error: code = NotFound desc = failed to pull and unpack image “”: no match for platform in manifest: not found

Can anyone who guide me that which docker image is most suitable for .net framework project.

Hey there.

This is probably a better question for Atlassian / Atlassian’s Community. Once you have a working build of a .NET Framework project, then it’s time to add SonarCloud analysis.

Yeah you are rite dear.

I have add SonarCloud analysis with my project and it is sonarCloud analysis who tell me this error which is mentioned above.

I guess, the docker image which i am using in YAML file is not working and if put right docker image for this project then my project pipeline can be implemented.