How to create aggregated code coveerage with kover

I am trying to make kover create an aggregated code coverage file. I see that they made this PR to create that implementation a couple years ago, but I am not sure about how it works since the readme has been changed a lot since then since the link in that PR’s readme change no longer works. The coverage for my system is currently generated like this.

withSonarQubeEnv('Name-Sonar-Cloud') {
  shWithRetryOnGradleException("gradle: Sonarqube analysis", """
  ./gradlew koverXmlReport
  ./gradlew koverHtmlReport
  ./gradlew koverCollectReports
  ./gradlew sonarqube --stacktrace \
    -Dsonar.log.level=TRACE \
    -Dsonar.verbose=true \
    -DenableJacoco=true \"main" \
    -Dsonar.projectName="android" \

I have tried moving the koverCollectReports that to the beginning but that fails since it requires the html or xml files to exist initially. I think I should be able to use this command to modify the output? I found it the current readme but the workflow is completely different from mine so I am not sure how to add it

coverage-overall - [integer] The overall coverage of the project


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Unfortunately, this is out of scope for us. Have you tried asking the project maintainers?