How to configure SonarScan for a git archive having C# and react project

Hi there,

I want to know what are the ways to scan a single repo containing multiple C# and react-based projects.

Want to publish the scan result in single SonarCube project.

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Hey there.

Take a look at this section of the docs.

Hi Colin,

Thank you for your reply.
In may case I have different folder for react project with many typescript files which I can not include in c# csproj

the folder structure of the repo is like

for this scenario, Is there any way to do the scan of both c# and react source code - merge the result and upload it to a single sonarqube project.

It seems that you can still traverse your directory structure to add those files to your .csproj file (../react_SourceCode/) or something similar. Take a look at this stackoverflow answer.

Hi @Colin,

Sorry for the late reply, I will try this.
one more question how do we pass the code coverage of the rect(typescript) code to sonar in this case?

Nothing particular special. You’ll need to make sure the coverage reports are generated and then add the analysis parmaeters documented here that point to them