How to configure SonarQube "Dependency-check" page with Laravel in PHP

Hello everyone, I need to configure the SonarQube “Dependency-check” page with Laravel in PHP.

The goal is to generate the “sonar.dependencyCheck.htmlReportPath” report in order to be able to consult the vulnerabilities found in the composer file from the SonarQube dashboard.

At the moment I have not found in-depth information about this.
For example in Angular it was easy thanks to the NPM package “owasp-dependency-check” which automatically generates the report.

Is there any similar package for composer?
Otherwise, are there other ways to do this in PHP?

Hey there.

You may want to reach out to the maintainers of the dependency check plugin directly at GitHub - dependency-check/dependency-check-sonar-plugin: Integrates Dependency-Check reports into SonarQube!