How to configure request to update binding in SonarLint

(Nicolas Martenet) #1


Is it possible to configure the request done by SonarLint to update bindings on a server ?

My problem is that we have the error of the 10000 results limits. Seems that we have more than 10k because we are sharing the server across different teams with different languages and C++ and C have 9.9k together. So I would like to exclude those 2 groups of rules.

Or any other idea ?



(Duarte Meneses) #2

Hi Nicolas,
It’s not possible to pick group of rules in SonarLint.
The problem about the 10k rule limit was fixed recently in SonarLint IntelliJ and will be fixed soon in SonarLint Eclipse.
Which SonarLint do you use?

(Nicolas Martenet) #3

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry I didn’t notice that it has been fixed. I have applied the updated and now it’s fine.