How to Compare new_bugs in API to a static version

(Sean Turner) #1

Which versions are you using Versions:
• SonarQube 3428
• Sonar Scanner

What are you trying to achieve:
I am using sonar scanner in a docker container as part of my circle ci run. I am trying to make an API call to determine how many new bugs exist since a PR was opened. I am configuring the projectVersion as the circle ci built in environment variable for PR number.

GOAL: Is there a way to compare the bugs introduced in my version to a static version number?

Here’s an example. The first scan was on my main branch (designated version 1). I open a PR (designated version x), the scanner runs on the branch code related to my PR, and I can make API calls to see how many NEW bugs my PR branch introduces. This compares version 1 to version x.

However, if I open another PR on another branch (designated version y), the scanner will check to see how many bugs version y introduced compared to version x.

Is there a way to always compare the bugs introduced to version 1 code? I want to see how many bugs / vulnerabilities / etc. my branches / PRs are introducing.

What have you tried to achieve so far:

Thank you very much for your assistance :slight_smile: