How to come out of "MaxLineLengthCheck" from angular tempaltes?

I have integrated the sonarcloud with my angular project, where this is my template ( 1000 instants across app )

<button  data-testid="removeProgmBtn" (keydown.enter)="removeProgm(i)"
                        [ngClass]="disableDeleteButton(prgCntrl.controls['isLinkedWithOtherAsmt']?.value, prgCntrl.controls['isLinkedWithAP']?.value)"
                        [iboToolTip]="{info : 'Delete', class: 'tool_tip_delete' }"></button>

It produces an error as

Split this 154 characters long line (which is greater than 120 authorized).sonarlint(Web:MaxLineLengthCheck)

if so, how to come out of this? any help?


Welcome to the community!

I guess the issue is raised on the 3rd line? I don’t see a good place to break that line, so I’d just mark this issue False Positive.