How to check if bugs found in default branch have been resolved in pull request branch

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SonarQube has the ability to scan both master and child branches of code.
Working with a new child branch is intended to provide developers the opportunity to identify new issues before merging.
A develop in team was tasked with reducing the defects discovered on the default/master branch after the aforementioned method was in place.
He then issued a pull request with a separate child branch after creating a new branch from the master branch and fixing some of the issues there.
He cannot say whether problems are fixed, it was discovered after a child branch SQ scan.
As a team, we are aware that it can only be determined once a pull request and the default have been merged.

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You can vote for this roadmap item.

Otherwise, pending that, you would need to create a branch analysis to see if the issue is still in the overall code.

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