How to categorize the bugs,code smells and etc in Sonar Scanner report


(Rama ) #1


I am using Sonar 7.2 version and I ran the Sonar scanner Ms build on my C sharp .net code branch (dotnet1) and report has been generated and after 3 months I have ran the same on my new branch(dotnet2) and dotnet1 report has been showing 130 bugs and dotnet2 report has been showing 140 bugs and how do i categorize new bugs generated on dotnet2 report, is there any way which can achieve this . thanks

(G Ann Campbell) #2


From what I can tell, you have analyzed two branches of the same project in a disconnected manner (so not using the Branch analysis feature). If that’s the case, then you may be able to puzzle this out by looking at issue creation dates, but there’s not going to be any direct link between the two, and it will be down to detective work.