How to call API to get the views from once sonar instance to another

(Panada Narasingam Murty) #1

Hi Team,

I am using two instances of sonarqube 5.6.6 LTS EE edition, i want to take all the views from once instance to another through API call, I need you help.

Thanks you in advance.


(G Ann Campbell) #4

Hi Murty,

First, the current LTS is 6.7 and the current version is 7.7. You’re going to have a hard time finding help for versions older than that.

Second, it won’t work to simply redefine a set of portfolios in an instance if the underlying projects don’t exist there. If they don’t, that’s your first challenge.

If you have access to our professional support, you should probably throw yourself on their mercy and see if they’ll help you with your 5.6 instances, which haven’t officially been supported for quite some time now.