How to Anonymous Login

Hey everybody,
I try to connect to a Sonarqube server, which is secured by http-auth (I’m not in charge for the setup).

I cant see all me report without to need to login in SonarQube. So, shouldn’t it possible to assign a server anonymously?


I see you’ve tagged this sonarlint so I moved your post to the #help:sl category, and am assuming you’re referring to connecting SonarLint to your SonarQube server here (do clarify the broader context).

Well, permissions on the SonarQube side are fully configurable. Since you’ve clarified that you’re not in charge of the SonarQube setup, I recommend you get in touch with the team who maintains that in your environment. They’ll be able to let you know which permissions are expected in this specific setup. (note that there’s no SonarLint-specific permission, the expectation rather being to access the project and its issues, just like you would from the UI).

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Hi Alfred,

We decided long time ago to enforce authentication in SonarLint, for various reasons. One example: if you have commercial plugins on your SonarQube server, only authenticated users can fetch the license (even if all pages are accessible anonymously).
We also have long term plans to introduce user specific features (like see only my issues, mark issues as FP/WF directly from SonarLint…).