How the BB and Jenkins integrations affect the branch being short or long lived?

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  • 8.4.1-developer
  • upgrading to this version

My devs are worried about the upgrade as I have built a lab of SQ and they have tested manually against it but since its not integrated with jenkins and bitbucket as our prod one is they arent sure what might break when I do the upgrade. They are trying to determine how the BB and Jenkins integrations affect the branch being identified as long lived or short lived. Anyone have any info on that?

In v8.4 there’s isn’t the concept of short and long lived branches anymore, so that’ll be different.

Other than that, the compatibility between bitbucket/Jenkins and SonarQube 8.4 depends on how the integration is done (there are so many ways) and the versions of the tools you use.
In software that we develop, you should be able to find in the documentation what versions of SonarQube are supported by each version.
In any case, we support Jenkins and Bitbucket in SonarQube 8.x versions so even if there’s a incompatibility it shouldn’t be hard to migrate your tools to support it.

thank you @dmeneses

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