How do we check SonarLint usage?

I need to check if our dev team is using SonarLint in Visual Studio. I’ve tried going into Administration > Security > Users. While everyone has read access I can only see the small number of users that have logged into SonarQube till now.

Is there any other way to check SonarLint usage?

SonarQube: 10.4.1
SonarLint for Visual Studio:

Hey there.

Developers will need to be using Connected Mode for you to see in the UI if your developers are using SonarLint. This implies logging into SonarQube, since they’ll need to generate a token to make the connection.


when users connect Sonarlint to your Sonarqube server, the
$SONARQUBE_HOME/logs/access.log will show entries like - - [27/März/2024:00:00:41 +0100] "GET /api/developers/search_events?projects=xxx&from=2024-03-26T23%3A59%3A41%2B0100 HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "SonarLint IntelliJ"

Means you may grep all Sonarlint related entries from access .log


Hey @Rebse!

This will still require connected mode. In SonarQube 10.1+, you can see if the user has connected (and when) in the User administration UI.


I suspect that GET api/user_tokens/search used on the user admin ui also only evaluates the access.log

But the description has
Field 'lastConnectionDate' is only updated every hour, so it may not be accurate, for instance when a user is using a token many times in less than one hour.

So if you want it to be precise, you have to read out the access.log yourself