How do I hook up my test coverage with Gitlab / Python

Hi, my coverage keeps showing up at 0%. I have a testcases suite, how do I connect Sonarcloud to the results. I can’t seem to find the right doc on this.
This is on Gitlab, python 3.6

Hi Fruitdealer,

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First you need to run your test suite before the SonarCloud analysis: the generated test coverage report will then be collected by the SonarCloud scanner and included in the analysis report sent to SonarCloud.

Please check the following documentation page Test coverage & Execution.

BTW, which test framework are you using?



Hi Olivier, I am using Pytest

Hi Fruitleader,

We are using Pytest for many SonarSource internal products and it works well with SonarCloud.
We used also Python 3.6 for a while.

So, it’s definitely feasible.