How do I file a bug against Sonar products? (In this case, against SonarLint)

Four days ago, I created a topic about what I believe is a bug in SonarLint. It has had a reasonable number of views, but no responses.

What I want to do is file a bug against SonarLint. I have read the FAQ, I tried to search the documentation, and I have googled around for instructions on filing bugs, but I did not find anything except this community.

How do I raise a bug against SonarLint (or, for future reference, against any Sonar product)?

Hey there.

This Community is the right place – but it can take some time. SonarLint (and its Java analyzer) are open source and we ask you to be patient.

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Excellent! Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL. Yes, I read the “be patient” part in the FAQ, and waited “a few days”. The reason I was concerned is that when looking at SonarLint - Sonar Community, I saw unanswered posts going back to 2018, but on closer inspection, it seems that most of these are announcements, not issues. Unanswered issues seem to go back only a few weeks.

Thank you for being patient with a newb! :slight_smile: