How do I change the key in configuration.xml inside the jar created by sonarqube-roslyn-sdk

I have created Jar file using My nuget package which have the rules and then fed it to
sonarqube-roslyn-sdk but the jar file contains a key as “Roslyn + PackageID+ cs” in configuration.xml. I want to remove the Roslyn and cs that are hardcoded with the PackageID. Is it possible without messing with sdk code?

Hi @Ketan_Mehra,

Welcome to our community and thanks for opening this issue. Your feedback helps us improve our products. We will look at it as soon as possible.

@Ketan_Mehra please don’t ask the same question in this forum and in an issue in the repo. Our preference would be to use the forum. Thanks!

For the benefit of other forum users:

The generated key is not configurable. It needs to be in this form for the generated plugin to work correctly with the SonarScanner for .NET. If the key is in a different form, the scanner won’t download the analyzer during the begin step.

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