How can we archive projects from Sonarqube database

Hi Team,

We are using Sonarqube 8.9.6 Community Edition.

we have some old projects in our sonarqube which we need to archive those projects for future reference. Is there any option available in Sonarqube community addition where we can archive the projects.

when my lines of code in Sonarqube community exceeds the limit, Is there a possibility to decrease the lines of code in sonarqube.

Murali Sulam

Hey there.

In the latest version of SonarQube (v9.5) it’s possible to export a project from the Community Edition to later be imported into a commercial edition, but that’s it. There’s no other archiving mechanism available (short of taking a snapshot of your entire database).

What’s the goal in archiving these projects? There is no Lines of Code limit on the Community Edition of SonarQube.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your response.

Is the archiving mechanism available in Sonarqube Enterprise Edition?

We are planning to upgrade from Sonar Community Edition to Enterprise Edition, i.e. the reason we are planning to archive the old projects.

Murali Sulam

Project Move exists in the Enterprise Edition and higher – but this is truly meant for moving a project immediately from one server to another. The export will only be able to imported to a SonarQube server of the exact same version. It’s not meant for archival.