How can we add issue type as BUG on gerrit as comment irrespective of any severity

sonarqube_version = ‘2.8’

reviewConfig: [
issueFilterConfig: [
severity: ‘CRITICAL’,
newIssuesOnly: false,
changedLinesOnly: false

We seen one issue with severity MAJOR and type as BUG. But in reviewConfig in sonarTogerrit plugin we are using severity as CRITICAL so issue with type MAJROR is not marked on gerrit. As this MAJOR issue is BUGit is failing my quality gate, so I would like to add kind of BUGS on gerrit irrespective of its severity.

Please help to achieve this.


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I sincerely hope that your version of SonarQube is not 2.8. Hopefully that’s the version of something else related to SonarQube.

Regarding your question, that plugin isn’t supported by SonarSource; you should ask its maintainers.



Sorry, SonarQub version is *Version 7.9.4.
Then according to you sonarToGerrit plugin is not maintained by SonarSource, Coreect?

Could you please tell how to mark all issues on sonar server which are BUGS. We want modify all BUG type to Blocker or Critical



For all existing issues, you can use Bulk Change. Just filter your issues list to the ones you want to update and use the Bulk Change button toward the top-left of the interface.

For future issues, you’ll want to update your Quality Profile so Blocker/Critical issues are raised to start with. If you’re using a profile named “Sonar way” you’ll need to start by making a copy. Then from the Quality Profile page, click on the count of active Bug rules
Selection_999(566). That takes you to the Rules page, which has its own Bulk Change button.


I am not able to locate Bulk change button? Could you please attach screenshot of bulk change button

Here I can’t see copy button here.


If you don’t see the the Bulk Change button it means you don’t have that permission. You should talk to a project administrator or the global admin. The same for “Copy”.