How are false positives reduced in Sonarqube?

Does removing Stagnant Quality profiles help?
Does removing of deprecated rules help?
How could this be achieved for Java Language?


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These are interesting questions.

For stagnant Quality Profiles, I guess you mean ones that aren’t in use anymore? There won’t be any performance benefits from removing them, but from a tidiness and understandability perspective, I’d say removing them would be a good idea.

For deprecated rules, yes, you should remove them. When we deprecate a rule it’s either because we don’t think it’s a good idea anymore or because we’ve replaced it with a better version.

For both of these things this would be manual work.


How do we remove deprecated rules and stagnant quality profiles?


For non-built-in, non-default profiles, if you have permissions to do so, you’ll see a Delete option in the profile’s cog menu.

For rules, you can delete them from your profiles, but not from the instance itself.


Can we do that for built-in and default profiles?

No. That’s why I qualified my statement.