Ho to Merge Multiple BuildWrapper output

Hi, can we merge several BuildWrapper output files ?

Hi @benyahu,

why would you like to do that? Could you explain what you are trying to achieve?

We run tests with Bullseye on several servers, and then we merge the coverage results file into one file.
All the tests information are under one file.
But, we run the tests over several kernels/arch, so we need to build for each of them different json (buildwrapper output).
Now, we want to upload all the tests results on all the servers that we had, and get the results for it.

Hi @benyahu,

you might be able to merge all the tests coverage results coming from different servers admitting that they contain relative paths. On the other side, you are not supposed to merge build-wrapper output coming from different servers with the purpose of the analysis.

For compilation unit analysis it is required that you build and analyze on the same machine, not in different ones.