High integrity C++ V4 support

Our company is using SonarQube-Developer trial version.
We use the High Integrity C++ V4 coding standard for code checking.
Does SonarQube support this standard? If yes is it integrated to the tool, or we have to license it separately?
Thank you for your help!

Hello @Attila_Lantos,

“High integrity C++ V4” is a list of rules published by a company that provides a static analysis tool. As a consequence, we don’t directly support this list (and I’m not even sure if we would be allowed to support it).

However, “High integrity C++” is a set of rules for safety critical software, and we do have some rules that target the constraints of this application domain (most of them are MISRA rules, or based on MISRA), and since some rules are shared between MISRA & “High integrity C++”, we indirectly cover some of them.