Hi Team , we have requirment to us onprimise servere and do scan for java script using circle CI/CD

we have requirement to us on-premise server and do scan for java script using circle CI/CD, any tips to write some power shell script use it in cirleCi Ci/Cd pipeline to scan .js files .

Hey there.

I’m a little confused – are you using SonarQube (on-prem), or SonarCloud (the category you posted this in)?

You probably want to use this orb if you’re using SonarCloud. There should be an analysis tutorial within SonarCloud to help you set it up to a bound GitHub or Bitbucket project.

Hi Colin,

Thanks!! for your attention.

we are using sonar cloud.

We need to scan .js and Ng build cod using circle CI CI/CD pipeline it is using windows on-premises server. so, can you please advise if you have seen similar case?

And we have case where we just need to scan.js files from windows virtual vm & need to copy the js file and uplod to antifactory…