Help us understand how you use Pull Request analysis in SonarCloud!

Want to help us improve the pull request decoration experience? Fill this short survey so we can understand how you’re using it. Thank you!

@Silpa_Vipparti Can you elaborate on what you mean by Pull Request “Decoration”?

The demographic question regarding age is missing an option for “choose not to disclose”.

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Hi Andrew

Thank you for your feedback!
1, I added ‘choose not to disclose’ as an option in the age question :white_check_mark:
2. By pull request decoration, I meant the analysis you see when you have a pull request in a project linked to SonarCloud - something like this :arrow_down:

d an image for reference)

I hope this helps. I’ll make sure to change the title so as to not create any further confusion about the terms :raised_hands: