Help in understanding a rule regarding indentation - Cobol Language

Please help in understanding the rule “Paragraphs and statements should be indented consistently”
SonarQube version used - 9.4
What is the indentation space followed exactly? (like a tab space or 2 white spaces). If known correctly, we can set same Indentation policy in the Formatter of our IDz Editor. We are getting lots of code smell because of this rule. If we can set the correct policy in our editor, we will be able to avoid issues arising because of indentation.Please help.

@Julien_HENRY, Please help me regarding this query about the indentation pattern followed in Sonar for Cobol programs.

Sorry but I don’t know the answer. I don’t know why you are pinging me directly, but this is not considered good behavior on this forum:

Sorry Julien. Sorry for tagging you directly.

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