Help downgrade sonarcfamily plugin

Hello all,
as per subject i need help to downgrade my (commercial) sonarcfamily plugin to a pre-6.0 version

I am running SonarQube 6.7.3 and after a simple upgrade plugin i noticed multiple problems on working analisys:
a) CentOS6 slaves stopped working due to the fact that glibc has been upgraded to 2.14 and that is not (and won’t) be present on CentOS 6
b) Ubuntu 1604 stopped working due to a JavaNullPointerException (that i was able to solve by updating both build-wrapper and sonar-scanner)
c) a Debian based 32bit distribution stopped working as well (ELF not found error during scan) and i found in the forums the news that 32bit systems are not supported anymore… is this really the case? if so, how come such a drastical change was introduced in a LTS version???

so, since i need to solve all these issues, is there a way to get back to the previous cfamily-scanning plugin?

There are steps to manually install a plugin (, using those you should be able to install any plugin file you have. You can get the last pre-6 version from here:


Thanks Brad,
downloading to 5.1.1 solved the issue

Hi @alienpenguin,

I wanted to inform you that we restored compatibility with glibc 2.12 and centos/rhel 6 with ticket CPP-2184, it has been released in version 6.2 of the C/C++ analyser and it is available in the marketplace as of today.

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