Hello what means the params "hasScannerContext"

The last analysis has failed
{“task”:{“id”:“AX5os9oR75ifAfodrV5P”,“type”:“REPORT”,“componentId”:“AX40kzy4s5qbUDEI9J8M”,“componentKey”:“P20-1-0-RC”,“componentName”:“P20-1-0-RC”,“componentQualifier”:“TRK”,“status”:“FAILED”,“submittedAt”:“2022-01-17T15:42:07+0000”,“submitterLogin”:“admin”,“startedAt”:“2022-01-17T15:42:09+0000”,“executedAt”:“2022-01-17T15:42:30+0000”,“executionTimeMs”:21364,“errorMessage”:“The default Quality Gate property is missing”,“hasScannerContext”:true,“warningCount”:5,“warnings”:}}

Hey there.

Your post is missing some important details – like what version of SonarQube are you using?

hasScannerContext is a flag that states whether or not the scanner context (which is information about the scan that was submitted to the SonarQube server) is avaiable. Most of the time it is, but sometimes it isn’t (like if an analysis cannot be processed because the license is invalid)

Hi Colin
Thank you for your response, I’am using sonarqube 8.9