Have SonarQube analysis aware of our product ad-hoc concurrency primitives?

Our current version is SonarQube 7.9.1 with C as focus target, but I still can not find a way in 8.9 documentation.
I came from a group in our same company that uses Synopsys/Coverity which allow us to add models: e.g. our own concurrency primitives, so the scanner/analysis will check for path with recursive call, and exception return skipping ‘unlock’.
I was looking in doing similar tweak with SonarQube - is this possible? e.g. extending the lock/unlock balancing beyond pthread_mutex_lock() support?

Hello @gbruncot,
Unfortunately the rules we have about concurrency in C can’t be customized.
So for example, the rule “pthread_mutex_t” should be properly initialized and destroyed can only check pthread_mutex_* and that behavior can’t be extended to other concurrency primitives.

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