Group permission override when login with LDAP account

  • versions used (SonarQube)
    Version 6.7 (build 33306)
  • error observed :
    adding some user to groups ex : administrator , but when the user was login using ldap account and password the group permission was override ( disappear)


You appear to have group synchronization enabled, so this is working as designed. If you want the user to be durably added to the group in SonarQube you’ll need to give him the groups on the LDAP side.

As a side note, it’s incumbent upon me to mention that the latest version and current LTS is 7.9.1. I urge you to upgrade at your earliest convenience to take advantage of all the cool new features we’ve added in the last ~2 years.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your information, can i disable the group synchronization?
but still use the LDAP authentication without group synch ?

we plan to updgrade to latest LTS version (7.91.1) soon after we check our plugin compatibility.

i Ann, i have disable property and it’s work,
thanks Ann