Gradle Native project in Visual Studio 2019

We’re evaluating SonarQube server and SonarLint for an existing native C/C++ project, we’re also moving the build system to Gradle Native. It appears to me that SonarLint doesn’t work with VS solutions generated from Gradle.
When I try to analyze a project or file, I get this message in the output window for Sonar Lint:
Project’s “Configuration type” is not supported.

Is there a way to get this to work?

Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7.2.
SonarLint version 4.27
Gradle version 6.5.1


So the answer to this turns out to be that the VS project files generated by Gradle all have their project configuration set to Makefile, which disengages the analyzation. Gradle doesn’t let you change that, so you have to download the source, edit the files and build your own, but then it works well.

Hi @KellyH, welcome to the community :wave:

As you’ve mentioned above, yes, we don’t currently support Makefile projects.
We have an open issue on github, please feel free to watch it. I’ve also converted your topic to “new features” so that others could vote for it.

Thanks Rita.
Updating my “solution” above (so no one finds this later and is misled), it works if you manually change the project config type in visual studio, but that is impractical for large projects. So far I haven’t gotten the change to the Gradle to work correctly.

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