Got 'parse error' when scanning .ts files using SonarJS

Hi All,

I am trying to scan some .ts files using a custom SonarJS plugin, but got parse error on some files, could you kindly help? Thanks in advance!

My Environment:

SonarQube 7.6 with its builtin SonarJS and SonarTS plugins
My custom plugin is compiled with SonarJS6.1

log reports error “parse error at line…”:

07:08:59 [main] DEBUG o.s.s.s.f.MetadataGenerator - 'src/app.ts' generated metadata with charset 'UTF-8'
07:08:59 [main] ERROR o.s.p.j.JavaScriptSensor - Unable to parse file: file:///C:/src/app.ts
07:08:59 [main] ERROR o.s.p.j.JavaScriptSensor - Parse error at line 24 column 13:

23: // Export Global Used Data
24: export enum DISPLAY_SOLUTION {
25:   CLIENT = 'client',
26:   WEB_RUNNER = 'webrunner'
27: }
34: // Ping interval