Google SAML group mapping in Sonar 10

After update to Sonar 10 ( Community Edition - Version 10.0 (build 68432) ) the field “SAML group attribute” in SAML authentication wizard is no longer visible.

How to specify mapping or can we pass a custom attribute called “group” via Gapps group mapping?

Hey there.

I see it! What do you see?

Hi Colin, you’re looking at old Sonar 9.9 UI, in Sonar 10 this field is missing:

However, I mapped “Group Attributes” in GApps to “group” (or “groups” - I don’t remember exact name) attribute in SAML body and it worked - Groups value was passed correctly

Oof, you’re right. Let me flag this for attention.

Hi @the.Legend,

The truth is, we made a mistake :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
Basically, we moved this field to a section of the UI that is only available on Enterprise+ editions. This is why you don’t see it. Hopefully, it’s “just” a UI glitch, the feature still works and if you had this field already set, it wasn’t changed during the migration to 10.0.

But no worries, we created SONAR-19055 - SAML Group config is not available for Community and Developer editions. Of course we will fix it, but more importantly right now is that we documented an easy workaround to set this property, and/or check what value it has.

It looks fine on your side, probably because it was already set before you moved to 10.0.

I hope it clarifies!


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