Golang parser outdated

Hello, I’m running Sonarqube Developer Edition version

I’ve seen many parsing errors like:

ERROR: Cannot parse 'pkg/something/file.go': Go parser external process returned non-zero exit value: 2

Those errors are caused due to golang generics, so I presume the parser is outdated.
Golang 1.18 was released on March: go1.18 (released 2022-03-15)

Please update the version or tell me someway to update by myself.


We added parsing of Go 1.17 in SonarQube 9.4. You can watch this ticket for progress on Go 1.18: SONARSLANG-552.


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Thanks for letting us know.

Do you have any idea when it will be done? I can see it’s still Unassigned.

It’s being big blocker for us at the moment.


Sorry, I don’t have a timeline.