Global default value for pull request decoration configuration name

Currently it seems (purchased on-prem developer license few days back and spent few hours trying to figure this out) that we need to set Pull Request Decoration Configuration name for each project.

Enterprises that have just a single ALM integration would most certainly benefit from being able to define a global default Configuration name for all projects. If you have close to a thousands project of new ones constantly popping up, this process of configuring configuration name for each project seems like complete waste of time.

I’d also like to see an option to pass this information as environment variable from CI. If CI can create a new project implicitly to sonar, there shouldn’t be a reason why CI could not be trusted to pass this information.

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Thanks for your feedback.

It’s better to set up Pull Request Decoration Configuration name at project creation.
How do you create SQ projects currently?


Most of projects are created with jenkins by executing maven sonar:sonar goal. Should we add a some command line parameter to register source?

I think overall command line options used maven sonar goal could be documented better - shouldn’t be a huge effort to add them to documentation tbh. Currently parameters seem to be scattered all over the place (or atleast I can’t find a single source for them)

You could probably use one of the Web API method like api/aml_settings/set_xxx_binding where you have to set the ALM configuration name.


Hi Sami,

I don’t fully follow your comment on the docs, then looking at there is a section for the Maven scanner specific at which references the analysis parameters section at which lists all the possible sonar properties.

Where you looking for other Maven specific documentation that was not clear?


Not all of them are there. For example: . I’m pretty sure that if I opened scanner in decompiler, there would be more than those few.

It’s possible and likely that what I’m looking for simply doesn’t exist, but I can’t tell, if I don’t have documentation available.

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I stand corrected, indeed the Branch and PR Analysis properties are not listed on the analysis parameter page but have their own page.
Maybe contains what you need to accomplish your goal.

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@Mark_Rekveld Thank you. Unfortunately some of these values have been removed from documentation for 8.3. Unfortunately I quoted old version of documentation previously.

Gitlab version of sonar.pullrequest.github.endpoint would be the one that I’m looking for. And this assuming that it actually does what I expect it to do :slight_smile: