GitLab Link to "Create personal access token" dead

  • Version Used: 8.9.6-community
  • Error Observed: no error
  • Steps to reproduce
    • Add Project → Gitlab
    • Required to enter personal access token
    • Click Link on the right to “Create personal access token”
    • Redirected to “$YOUR_INSTANCE/profile/personal_access_tokens”, but that page does not exist
    • Correct link would be “$YOUR_INSTANCE/-/profile/personal_access_tokens”
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Hi, are you using or an on-premise instance?


we are using an on-prem instance.

What’s your Gitlab on-prem instance version?

We’re currently running v14.7.0-ee

I can confirm the same behavior with The base URL has changed with the latest version of Gitlab. Here’s a ticket to track the issue.

Thanks for the report @josz

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@josz It has been fix in 9.1. It will not be backport to 8.9 LTS. You can still upgrade to latest 9.3 or wait for the next LTS. Thanks