GitHub: You can't sign up because login 'username' is already used by an existing user

Hello @Colin , same problem here, can’t login with Github. My username is alelapi. Thanks

Hello @Colin, I have the same problem. Can you help me, please? User Marcelo-Rodrigues

can confirm thank you!

HI @Colin
Same issue with my user jleni
Could you look at it… we would like to evaluate the product at the company level and I cannot login :frowning:

Hi @Colin,
my account issue is still there. Sorry for bothering you but our CI is based also on a Sonarcloud check, so I am still blocked on that. Could you check it?
username “alelapi”


Same issue with my github account rneeft.

Hey @alelapi, @Marcelo-Rodrigues, @jleni and @rneeft – give it another try and you should be able to login.

I can confirm that now I can log in, thanks @Colin !

Thank you, Colin! It worked

HI @Colin
Same issue with my user melg8 when try to login with github

I still have the same issue as before :frowning:

Reason: You can’t sign up because login ‘jleni’ is already used by an existing user.

I am using my GitHub to login

Same issue with my account “pgoultiaev”, logging in using GitHub. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @jleni,

Can you try now?


Hi @Colin
I’m having this issue too.
GitHub username: storkie

Hi @Colin,

Do you have some information when the issue is resolved. Thank you in advance!

Hello @theonlyroboboro,

Can you try to log in now?