Github Pull Request Decoration Fails After Upgrade from 8.9.6 to 9.0.0

After upgrading from 8.9.6 to 9.0.0, decoration of pull requests stopped working.

The message on github displays “Expected — Waiting for status to be reported”.

I’m not using github Enterprise, and I have the Developer Edition of SonarQube.

I see in the “Release 9.0 Upgrade Notes” that “Reporting Quality Gate status on GitHub branches requires an additional permission”. I have confirmed our GitHub app does have the required permissions as outlined here:

I have looked through the Sonarqube logs and I don’t see any errors. The PR builds successfully and the Sonar analysis scan completes successfully. The problem is that github doesn’t receive the update.

Hey there.

SonarQube v9.0 is an unsuported version – you should upgrade to v9.6 and let us know if you still face an issue.

Yes, I first tried with 9.6 and had the same issue. That’s why I tried 9.0.

@Colin Do you have any ideas on what the problem could be?

Hey there.

I would suggest bumping your log level up to TRACE and running a pull request analysis you expect to have decoration, and share your logs/ce.log file (I can open a private channel for you to share it if you’d like).