GitHub Organization compulsory?

Does SonarCloud only work for people with an Organization set in GitHub? This is for the IntelliJ plugin.

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SonarCloud and SonarLint are complementary but very different prodcuts (one is a cloud service, the other an IDE that can integrate with SonarCloud but also works standalone). Can you detail what you’re trying to do, and where you’re getting stuck?

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Was trying to install the IntelliJ plugin and it asked me for a GitHub organization.

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If you are trying to use Connected Mode – it is just asking for the name of your SonarCloud organization (likely the same as a GitHub org if you login to SonarCloud using GitHub)

Seems I got further this time, although I keep getting no issues in IntelliJ. I’m hoping this means SonarLint is working.

I did the configuration on the website, and at the bottom it says:

Is it done? You should see the page refresh itself in a few moments with your analysis results if everything runs successfully.

However, the page doesn’t refresh. I have configured several times to no avail.

What did I do wrong?

Got it to work. Had to adapt the build.yml file to set the correct branch. Thank you.

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