Ghost files(AWpOcef_WLXh4JgI8Sn_)/UUID get created in sonarqube>issues >file

Issue: In recent days my sonar analysis creates a GHOST files -->AWpOcef_WLXh4JgI8Sn_/UUID in Sonarqube>Issues>File folder in some projects

workaround: I create new analysis(new project key & project name) with same code and it works fine & no ghost files created

I couldn’t find why its creating such unknown files and those files doesnt load and list issues,.Page remains empty

Additional info: This happens in already existing old projects not with new analysis.

Suspects: Could be data base corruption / Broken

why this files/UUID are created in issues?
how to ignore this files and get original issues reflects?

Sonarqube version: Community Edition Version 7.9.2
Postgres: 9.5

Attached screenshot of the error

Any help appreciated! thanks in advance


Welcome to the community!

My first guess here is a corrupt Elasticsearch index. Try this:

  • stop the server
  • delete $SONARQUBE-HOME/data/es6`
  • restart the server

Come back to us if that doesn’t fix it.


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HI Ann

Thanks for your response and suggestion
I fixed this issue by re-indexing my sonarqube Postgres
Could be Db corruption after re-index it worked!
those ghost files has been removed now :slight_smile:


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